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Be our guest, try our one week of introductory training. Start in our fast track Muay Thai program right away. Individual attention is emphasized help gain insight into Muay Thai training fast.

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Build your inner strength, self-confidence, get fit and learn real Muay Thai from one of the best trainers in the USA, Master Taningco, who has trained students for the last 45 years in the Dayton area since 1976. Trained many champions in the likes of Christian Phyliss Toleque undefeated under Master Taningco mentorship, along with Neal Rowe who also became a professional fighter, undefeated under Taningco’s coaching went on to coach the retired MMA fighter Rich Franklin. Bellator fighter Joe Schilling trained under Master Taningco for the first 3 years here in Dayton along with Toby Grear who also became professional fighter both were also undefeated under Master Taningco’s Muay Thai training program at Tama martial arts center.

No need to prove yourself in the ring but to get fit and learn real Muay Thai training and beyond from one of the best trainers in the USA. Master Taningco has been selected and named into the Association of Boxing Commissions Muay Thai Committee for Unified Rules. He also wrote the amateur muay Thai rules for the State of Ohio under Bernie Profato Ohio Athletic Commission. He was also named as a Muay Thai Director for 5 years for Arnold Schwarzenegger Martial Arts Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

Master Taningco was also a sparring partner of Alan Schroeder who became 5 times GOLDEN GLOVE champion in the Dayton area. His family art of panantukan of Filipino boxing (a cousin art of the old Muay Boran-now modern Muay Thai Art) was passed down to him from his family heritage since he was a very young age. He is also a fully certified Muay Thai Instructor under United World Muay Thai Federation. Former Lumpinee champions and now trainer: Sakasem, Saekson, Dragon Matee, and Samart have visited and taught at the Dayton Muay Thai gym known as Tama Martial Arts Center located in Kettering. Taningco brought Muay Thai art into Dayton in 1976.

We are here to help you achieve your goals in Muay Thai training. Your Muay Thai lessons will be as genuine and challenging. It will surely help you conditon yourself and get yourself in really good shape and be able to defend yourself. You will be truly be motivated with the instructor’s guidance in creating a supportive environment for you to achieve real results. Be The BEST You Can Be! Come and join us and have fun and build your confidence.

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We have a clean and very spacious space for your Muay Thai training! We are passionate about our art of Muay Thai Kickboxing. We teach both modern Muay Thai and old-style Muay Thai.

Master Taningco has brought Muay Thai Art to this Dayton area since 1976. He was the first to promote and have stable full-contact fighters in the Dayton area. He has taught many area students that have become undefeated and some became professional fighters. He is very active in teaching after 45 years of teaching martial arts. Come and study with Master Taningco and bring the best out of you. Get fit, get strong, and be truly confident.

Ajarn Manuel Taningco
Manuel R. Taningco
Seth Clarke
Seth Clark
Lee Taningco
Lee Taningco

Featured Programs

Our Thai boxing is a martial fine art accessible to folks of all ages, consisting of Adults, Teens, and Kids (girls and boys). Adhering to a suitable program in Muay Thai training, young people will benefit immensely from the unavoidable bodily and mental improvements. Our mission is to help every single student gain confidence in themselves. Build a life-long life skill that will carry each person into the future of success. For Kids Muay Thai classes, developing listening skills and how to take instructions, and being able to work with other students will give that child a boost of confidence. 

Adults Muay Thai Classes

The adult Muay Thai classes held at our TAMA Muay Thai gym – Dayton Premier Muay Thai center, are structured in such a way that all levels of experience are catered to from beginners to advanced levels. Thai Boxing is a great way to help relieve those stress and be tuned to your being and balance your day in our adult Muay Thai classes.

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Kids Muay Thai Classes

Our kids muay thai classes ensure each youngsters help develop their confidence that will help them as they grow up. Helping kids develop their life skills thru kids muay thai training.

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Teens Muay Thai Classes

All teens muay thai classes are included with adults muay thai classes to help build their confidence and discipline. Giving proper guidance will inspire your child to greater heights.

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Master T helped me prepare for an amateur Muay Thai fight using traditional techniques he’s perfected. Dayton is lucky to have a highly respected Grand Master and a literal champion as a resource. Our kids have also engaged in competitive amateur bouts via TAMA. There is something for everyone at this dojo regardless of age or experience level.

With the guidance of master T, I had a wonderful muay thai experience. The classes are all-encompassing teaching technique, conditioning, and discipline. This school is worth it in every way and I recommend it for anyone trying to begin their martial arts journey!
Dante Lemar

Master T is a professional. He taught my teenage sons a mix of Muay Thai, and Kick Boxing. They were trained in a very disciplined manner and grew into fine adults who are strong, brave, and confident. My family highly recommends Tama Family Martial Arts.
Brian Bowman

Ive been going to this Muay Thai Gym for about 2 weeks and so far it has helped me mentally, & spiritually more than I anticipated. Although my first week was brutal I immediately switched to a healthier eating habit (plant-based) to sustain more power& energy and I’ve been blowing through the drills highly recommended for small children, and adults. Master T is really patient, truly a master of the arts of fighting

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