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We train in Muay Thai, we breathe Muay Thai, and we love Muay Thai, eat Thai food,  we promote Muay Thai tournaments and fight in Muay Thai competitions. We produce muay thai fighers, and muay thai champions. Yes, we speak the body language of Muay Thai – and we do it in the ring!. 


We have a clean and very spacious space for your Muay Thai training! One of the largest training Muay Thai Center in the Midwest. We are passionate about our art of Muay Thai Kickboxing. We teach both the modern Muay Thai and the old-style Muay Thai.

Master Taningco has brought Muay Thai Art to this Dayton area since 1976. He was the first to promote and have stable full contact fighters in the Dayton area. He has taught many area students that have become undefeated and some became professional fighters. He is very active in teaching after 44 years of teaching martial arts. He is an accomplished master in many different martial arts as both a student and an instructor. He brings about his family art of “Panantukan” a cousin art of Muay Boran which Muay Thai art came from. Master Taningco understands the language of the fighting art which he also has many many rounds with his fighters along with live-challenges without rules. He also fought for TEAM USA vs Russia in 1993 at the age of 38, Taningco winning it for Team USA.

Ajarn Manuel Taningco is named into the Association Of Boxing Commissions 2009-2011 Muay Thai Committee for Unified Rules and Guidelines for Muay Thai both Professional and Amateur worldwide. Selected as one of the Chairman’s Advisory Committee Expert Appointment sanctioned by the US Athletic Commissions. Taningco is the first Muay Thai instructor in Ohio to sponsor a Muay Thai event. Taningco is one of the Muay Thai certified instructors under the United World Muay Thai Federation under Vut Kamnark.

Ajarn Manuel Taningco

Ajarn Manuel R. Taningco

Dayton Muay Thai Instructors

Taningco was the first to promote Muay Thai competition Nationally in Ohio inviting fighters from California to Puerto Rico. With over 57 years of martial arts experience, Master Taningco has more to offer other than just techniques and the fighting arts.

Taningco was named Muay Thai Director for Arnold Martial Arts Sports Festival in Columbus for 5 years and again was asked to be part of the Muay Thai competition program in the coming years.

Lumpinee former Muay Thai champions such as Sakasem and Saekson both had centered referees at Taningco’s Midwest Muay Thai Championship and US National Muay Thai Belt Championship. Both also gave many seminars at Tama Muay Thai Gym along with Vut Kamnark, Dragon Matee, and the legendary Samart.

Master Taningco’s goal is to help build a student’s confidence through Muay Thai training. With proper training and guidance, students develop self-discipline, respect, patience, perseverance, determination, understanding of other cultures, and history that transcends to great life skills to have.

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