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The adult Muay Thai classes held at our TAMA Muay Thai gym – Dayton Premier Muay Thai center, are structured in such a way that all levels of experience are catered to.

Our Adult/Jr. Muay Thai Classes

The Muay Thai classes at Dayton Muay Thai are structured up into three different skill levels with the more experienced students training separately in the advanced classes. This allows our experienced Muay Thai teachers to give instructions specific to the skill level of the students in the beginner’s class, intermediate, and advanced muay Thai classes. Skill levels will also be separated accordingly in class.

In our adult/Jr. Muay Thai classes, If you are a beginner, you need not worry. All of the instructors are very helpful since they have been where a beginner has. We make sure that you feel at home and welcome and not be intimidated. It is our job to make you feel good being our Dayton Muay Thai Gym. We will help you build your self-esteem and each training day you will see yourself improve your skills and your confidence level. We are here to help you reach your goal.

Most everyone (if not all) of the current MMA, Bellator, and UFC fighters choose to cross-train in the art of Muay Thai as a way of sharpening their standing, and striking skills, as Thai boxing incorporates punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, allowing practitioners and or fighters to be more creative.

Dayton Muay Thai Lessons

The fighters would have more options in ways to attack and control an opponent. Incorporating the use of these different weapons of the body is the reason why the martial art is referred to as “the art of eight limbs”. This is also a great way to be fit and will develop your cardio fitness in our adult Muay Thai classes. It is a very intense workout and very challenging. Plus will give you more energy and get help to manage your stress tremendously.

The inspiration for our Muay Thai Gym came from martial arts studies and competition. Grandmaster Gasper was stationed in Thailand, Gasper shared his knowledge and experience and added to his martial arts program. Guro Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee Protégé) was a student of Chai Sirusite, a Muay Thai master Instructor who had been here in the ’60s. Both Gasper and Inosanto have shared Muay Thai art to Manuel Taningco for over 20 years. And Taningco’s family art (from The Robles family) art of Panantukan is fused with the art of Muay Thai from both Gasper and Inosanto then the birth of TAMA Muay Thai Gym. Taningco brought the art of Muay Thai to Dayton. The other inspirations was helping students prepare for Muay Thai competitions and doing the Muay Thai fight promotions.

We made sure that our adult Muay Thai Classes are structured to benefit each students whatever skills they are. Join us and give yourself a gift of confidence – Join our adult Muay Thai Classes and have fun! We have also Kids Muay Thai Classes to offer.

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