Muay Thai has been a part of Thai history and ancestry for centuries just like most traditional practices from ancient times. There exist numerous different styles of the past of Muay Thai yet all sources agree that Muay Thai (Boran) was the key and most efficient approach of self-defense used by Thai warriors in the battlefields of conflicts and battles that developed plenty of times throughout the history of the country now called Thailand. Throughout this moment, a warfare manual called “Chupasart” was created. This hands-on stressed the martial usages of each physical body part. The underlying philosophy of this manual signified that battling is greater than using weapons yet significantly to engage complete dedication from mind, heart, and soul.

The initial well-known practice of Muay Thai as a “sporting activity”, off and away from the heat and mayhem of the combat zone took place throughout the regime of King Prachao Sua (1697-1709 A.D.), with the passion for the sporting activity he typically fought incognito in community competitions, beating the neighborhood champs. When the country went to tranquility, to continue the army hectic he commonly purchased them to educate Muay Thai and loosely arranged competitions started growing up and around the nation.

In 1774, the fabulous Nai Khanom Tom made Muay Thai famous for his struggle versus a team of Burmese fighters while he was a prisoner of war in Burma. He highlighted the favorable elements in Muay Thai, the indomitable will to gain for the desire and an honor to deal with any chances.

Every year on March 17th, Thailand commemorate the Nai Khanom Tom day. You might hear different names for this festivities such as “National Muay Boran day”, “National Muay Thai day” or “Boxer’s Day”.

As we all know, Muay Thai is the National sport of Thailand but this celebration is not just about Muay Thai.It’s a celebratory day to recognize and homage the great Nai Khanom Tom and all the old fighters who developed Muay Boran right into the modern Muay Thai, the art of the 8 limbs.



What’s the tale?

According to the tale, in 1774 Nai Khanom Tom was just one of the thousands Siamese prisoners being held by the Burmese King Mangra after the Burmese intrusion in the Ayutthaya Kingdom.In event of a festival, the king wanted to see if the Muay Boran could be compared with the Burmese boxing and also Nai Khanom Tom was chosen to eliminate versus the Burmese boxing champ.After the ritual of the Wai Kru (the Burmese thought that was some kind of Thai black magic) Nai Khanom Tom dealt with the Burmese boxing champion and won by Knock Out.The referee declared the win not valid because he was sidetracked by the music and also may be some sort of sorcery.The king after that sent various other 9 fighters, individually without time breaks between fights. They were all put on the ground by the hands (as well as knees as well as joints) of Nai Khanom Tom.Excited by these abilities, King Mangra claimed: “Every part of the Siamese is blessed with poison. Despite having his bare hands, he can fell 9 or ten challengers. Yet his Lord mishandled and also shed the nation to the enemy. If he had actually been any excellent, there was no chance the City of Ayutthaya would ever before have actually fallen”.After that he granted freedom to Nai Khanom Tom and all Siamese (Thais).That day was March 17th, as well as ever since Nai Khanom Tom has been specified as the Father of Muay Thai. By winning the liberty he made this combating system known and also feared.The tale is in between tale and background however it’s really popular among Thais making them pleased with their extremely own Martial Art.Nai Khanom Tom is a Muay Thai hero for the country and also every boxer is admiring him with fantastic regard.

The Armed Forces of Thailand cultivated Muay Thai. Soldiers have trained and used the strategies for as long as there has been an army in Thailand. For the army, it has always been the close combat fighting skills, the martial art of the battlefield. When a Thai soldier battles hand to hand he uses Muay Thai. After that so does every Thai lady, person or guy. Watching it, discovering it, replicating it is a part of Thai childhood. Muay Thai soon ended up being the favorite hobby sport of folks from all line of business, with training school being developed all over the nation and eventually across the globe.

It was in the early 1930s that Muay Thai was officially codified, with policies and rules being made and introduced into the sporting world to make Muay Thai an international sport of the very early 20th century and as one of the secure ring sporting activities. Round competitions were presented in addition to 8 divisions based on global boxing. Queensbury guidelines boxing gloves replaced the cords binding on the hands.With an honored past, Muay Thai has actually passed and is recognized in many nations worldwide, producing a new time of a glad world past. Recently Muay Thai, both amateur and professional, has actually swept the globe like an untamed fire and became the premier combat sport– combating art without any equivalent in regards to unarmed battle and viewer charm as well as a kind of self-defense and fitness program. Sometimes called the art of 8 limbs. Traditionally, the old Muay Thai art includes head techniques which are excluded from the modern Muay Thai fighting art of today.