Lee Taningco

Lee Taningco is a school teacher by nature and is a graduate of Purdue University. He is recognized as a certified instructor for both United World Muay Thai Federation and Dayton Muay Thai Association.

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Lee Taningco

Lee Taningco is a family man and is a father of two boys yet he opted to devote his time to Muay Thai and boxing. He preferred and enjoyed passing down his knowledge and techniques to Muay Thai enthusiasts.

His years in the field of Martial Arts, which started since he was four years old, have honed him in becoming one of the greatest martial art instructors. He is known as a humble person, caring, and of course very fast and swift. His experience in the ring is another factor that made him a great and a well-known instructor. He has been a judge and a center referee for many fights in Ohio. He has also officiated for Arnold Martial Arts Festival, US National Muay Thai Championships, Midwest Muay Thai Championships, and for the World Muay Thai Kickboxing Association. All these are recognized by Ohio Athletic Commission. Aside from these, he has also become a sparring partner for many students who, with his help, have gone professional in Muay Thai. Indeed, he has been a great influence on many.

He is a hardworking man, who always sees every detail to make sure every move and result is worthwhile. His positive demeanor made everybody’s work relationship with him in harmony and has motivated everyone to work harder.

Dayton Muay Thai Lessons

Lee Taningco

Dayton Muay Thai Instructors

Great instructors used to be great students, and so he was. He was once a great student of some of the best Muay Thai instructors around the nation from Sakasem, Saekson, Vut, Pongsan, Dragon Matee and Samart. But for him, his greatest instructor is his Dad as well as his personal experience of having spent his childhood in Tama Family Arts where he learned his skills from the age of four. For him, Tama Family Martial Arts can be anybody’s extended family.

Aside from  Lee Taningco, Dayton Muay Thai program also have 2 other certified instructors named Manuel Taningco and Seth Clarke.

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