Manuel Taningco

Ajarn Manuel R. Taningco is a grandfather, husband, martial artist, teacher and mentor. Manuel has been involved in the martial arts since he was 8 years of age with over 50 years of experience.

More About Manuel Taningco

Being orphaned at 10 years of age, he turned his life around and saw the meaning behind the philosophy and the purpose of the martial arts at a very young age. He uses that experience mentoring the children, teens and young adults in a meaningful way with great enthusiasm and encouragement. His energy is contagious and a great martial arts ambassador.

One of his first martial arts magazines had Chuck Norris on the cover of Black Belt Magazine in 1970. Later in life, Manuel would meet Chuck Norris by his invitation to his UFAF (United Fighting Arts Federation) Conventions, three years in a row (82,83,84), to teach and share his knowledge with UFAF members.

Master Taningco’s many years of experience in the field of coaching martial arts is unmatched in this tri-state area. He has achieved the rank of master instructor in Muay Thai kickboxing program. He has helped his brother-in-law as one of the sparring partners of Alan Schroeder, who has achieved Dayton Golden Glove Champion five times.

Taningco has personally trained many fighters from scratch to being undefeated champions. Like Christian Phyllis Toleque (who helps train Top Ten fighters in Florida), Neal Rowe (who has helped coach MMA Rich Franklin), Joe Schilling (who has become World Champion), TG Grear (became professional MMA fighter), and many others.

Manuel was very successful on tournament scene and became World Champion. At age 38, he fought for TEAM USA vs. Russia.

Ajarn Manuel Taningco

Ajarn Manuel R. Taningco

Dayton Muay Thai Instructors

Taningco had won it for the Team USA in 1994. Instead of continuing his competition career at an earlier age, Manuel chose to learn from other masters and grandmasters. During this time, he had built a martial arts empire of four schools, including building a 10,000 square feet martial arts building from the ground up as a testament to a good martial arts programs. He had pioneered the full contact kickboxing in the Dayton Miami Valley area since 1976. The first martial arts school to offer multiple martial arts curriculum. The first to bring Muay Thai in Dayton.

muay thai champions MasterTaningco was chosen and named by the Association Of Boxing Commissions 2009-2011 Muay Thai Committee for Unified Rules and Guidelines for Muay Thai both Professional and Amateur worldwide. Selected as one of the Chairman’s Advisory Committee Expert Appointment sanctioned by the US Athletic Commissions. He was the very first to promote Muay Thai competition Nationally in Ohio, inviting fighters from California to Puerto Rico. He was the first to promote Muay Thai in Arnold Martial Arts Festival, and has served as a Director of Muay Thai Competition program for four years at Arnold Martial Arts Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

His sincere dedication to martial arts also shows in his community by his many years and hours of volunteerism in helping underprivileged children.

Aside from Taningco, Dayton Muay Thai also have 2 other certified instructors named Lee Taningco and Seth Clarke.

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