Seth Clark


Seth Clark – Dayton Muay Thai Instructors

Seth Clark is known to be one of the nicest and most caring instructors to have grown up in Tama Martial Arts Center. He is an engineer and a family man as well.  He has been a great Muay Thai student for the last eight years. He has also learned under the great teachings of Ajarn Janjira, Saekson and Samart.  He is a well-rounded athlete who has a ground game knowledge in Brazilian Jiujitsu as a blue belt holder.


His height seems to be intimidating yet knowing his approach in teaching, which always shows compassion and care, makes it a gem hidden within himself. He is like a teddy bear powerful and masterful. He is a very humble person. He believes that one’s ego should be hidden and kept within oneself. He is a loving person. He loves everyone and everything especially learning and sharing.


He is a Certified Muay Thai Instructor under Dayton Muay Thai Association. He has spent a lot of time to do sparring with students whose confidence he has helped to develop. He is an assistant coach for MMA, a certified referee by WMTKA and is recognized by Ohio Atletic Commission.


One of our goals is to help you get into shape, build your confidence, and learn real Muay Thai.

We will be with you all the way as you take the path in achieving your goals here at Dayton Muay Thai – Tama Martial Arts Center.