Master T helped me prepare for an amateur Muay Thai fight using traditional techniques he’s perfected. Dayton is lucky to have a highly respected Grand Master and a literal champion as a resource. Our kids have also engaged in competitive amateur bouts via TAMA. There is something for everyone at this dojo regardless of age or experience level.

With the guidance of master T, I had a wonderful muay thai experience. The classes are all-encompassing teaching technique, conditioning, and discipline. This school is worth it in every way and I recommend it for anyone trying to begin their martial arts journey!
Dante Lemar

TAMA Martial Arts Academy is like a second home to me. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and if you can take the time to watch and listen, improvement comes quickly. With a variety of disciplines for people of all ages, it is definitely worth your time and money. Anyone who says differently most likely did not stick around long enough to find out. If you are motivated and willing to learn, this is the place for you.
Seth Longstreth

I have known Master T for over six years, and collaboratively developed a program where students from the Dayton Regional STEM School (across the street) participated in two-week programs to introduce them to the martial arts. They especially loved Muay Thai, karate, and BJJ. Master T is highly trained, an excellent and fun teacher, and makes learning discipline enjoyable. I have also seen and met many of the adults training at TAMA, and they love the freedom of using the space, Master T’s guidance and wisdom, and more. Great space, place, and programs.
Philip Bottelier

Master T is a professional. He taught my teenage sons a mix of Muay Thai, and Kick Boxing. They were trained in a very disciplined manner and grew into fine adults who are strong, brave, and confident. My family highly recommends Tama Family Martial Arts.
Brian Bowman

Ive been going to this Muay Thai Gym for about 2 weeks and so far it has helped me mentally, & spiritually more than I anticipated. Although my first week was brutal I immediately switched to a healthier eating habit (plant-based) to sustain more power& energy and I’ve been blowing through the drills highly recommended for small children, and adults. Master T is really patient, truly a master of the arts of fighting

I Have been a long time student and wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. It has made me the person I am today. It has something for everyone from just in shape to becoming a professional fighter. With master T. being in the black belt hall of fame you get some of the best training around and I have checked out many different schools. It’s not just a place to train but the staff and fellow students become a second family. One of the best parts about TAMA is the variety of arts available offered.
Aaron Melinich

The class is actually real muay thai teachings and the training is impressive. & if shy or new they will gradually work with you to build your confidence not like most martial arts classes try to throw you in a fight. The atmosphere is perfect everyone is friendly & helpful the teacher actually focuses on each student to make sure you are using proper technique so you can grasp the full understanding. I implore all to try.
Brice Harrison

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